2019-20 Executive

President:  Tammy Le                                        le_t@surreyschools.ca

Past President:  Kendall Brothers                   brothers_k@surreyschools.ca

Treasurer:  Kendall Brothers                           brothers_k@surreyschools.ca

Secretary:  Jane Kamimura                              kamimura_j@surreyschools.ca

Advocacy (WebMistress):  Cathy Daniel      daniel_c@surreyschools.ca

Professional Support: Angela Roth               roth_a@surreyschools.ca

Chapter Councillors:
Jeanette McLean          mclean_jeanette@surreyschools.ca
Marilyn Carr                 carr_marilyn@surreyschools.ca
Members at Large:
Jane Kamimura            kamimura_j@surreyschools.ca
Anne McNamee            mcnamee_a@surreyschools.ca
Ophelia Chan                chan_o@surreyschools.ca
Meagan Cordeiro         cordeiro_m@surreyschools.ca

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